THE show Newport May 29 - 31 2015

Visit Hi Fi One and my technology partners for an active demonstration in Suite 1406

Stillpoints: Aperture acoustic room treatment, ‎ESS Rack and the world debut of the Low Profile ESS rack, ‎Ultra 6's, Entreq Silver Tellus and Eartha Atlantis silver cables.
Hi Fi One/Berning: 60 wpc 211 / 845 OTL class A Triode mono amps, the world debut of the Berning 28 wpc class A Triode mono amps, Wadax Ultimate Trio DSD DAC with phono stage and Hermes SSD Server. SMc Silver Reference 2 box line stage and new AC Nexus advanced power distribution and grounding system.
EnKlein: "The David" reference cables including power cords, speaker cables, USB cable and balanced interconnects.
Sonorus: ATR 10 R-T-R tube tape machine and Proximity woofer and controller.
Kaiser: Kawero loudspeakers