Rick Brown’s 1st Music Review

 Tidal Akira loudspeaker / "the best-looking, best-built, best-sounding speakers"

By John Atkinson | October 2018

Absolute Sound
 Berning 211/845 Power Amplifier. "IN A CLASS BY ITSELF"

By Robert Harley | October 2017

Absolute Sound
The David Berning Company 211/845 Power Amplifier // The Third Dimension

By Robert Harley | September 2016

Absolute Sound
Audio Physic / Berning Quad Z

By Andrew Quint | November 2016

SMc / Hi-Fi One Nexus Power Conditioner

By Michael Fremer | June 2018

Sonorus Audio ProximitySub Controller

By Fred Crowder | August 2014

Daggo // Berning
A second visit to the home of the infamous Encinitas Jim

By Fred Crowder | August 2014

Pre 1 Mk 2 Digital Preamplifier

By Roy Gregory | April 2014

Pre 1 Mk 2 Digital Preamplifier with Phono Stage and Streamer

By Roy Gregory | May 17, 2014

Positive Feedback ISSUE 65
Wadax PRE 1 preamplifier

By Jim Merod | January / February 2013

"Although I'm aware that the Wadax employs proprietary technical advances that I'm not at liberty to divulge while, nonetheless, not wholly leaving the field of high-end electronic wizardry, the outcome accomplished with this arrogant unit's arrogant invisibility sets (for me) a new standard in presenting accurate, completely truthful musical signal delivery.Did I mention that the audio achievement here demonstrated amounts to a creation of Audio Arrogance with a new footprint: nothing at all of any sort between music to be indulged and the indulgence in astonished erotic spirituality?"


Positive Feedback ISSUE 64
2012 Audio Power Labs 50TNT

By Jim Merod | November/December 2012

"Audio Power Labs' "smaller" mono-block tube amps, the 50TNT, my be the junior sibling of this state of the art amplification footprint (the 833TNT being a behemoth beyond category), but at 200w/channel, these amps are not junior or diminished in any way. I have never experienced amplification at once so rigorously refined and lush; so dynamically seductive yet stunning; so flat out beautiful in their presentation of texture and sonic details while also authoritative all across the audio spectrum. These amps, at $47,500/pair are not cheap, but if there has ever been an amplifier that can rightfully be thought of as a "bargain" at such a high price, the Audio Power Labs' 50TNT is the one... in truth, the only one I can imagine giving such a controversial but well-earned tag."


Robb Report
2012 Audio Power Labs 50TNT

By Jason Victor | April 2012



" ... a pathway to auditory bliss bliss that indeed transports musical performances from the concert hall to the home..."

See the full report on page 76 of the April 2012 Robb Report


Positive Feedback ISSUE 64
2012 Audio Power Labs 50TNT

By Michael Fremers | February 2012


stereophile-feb2012-wadax pre1-1_2.jpg

"With the exception of those who've spent large sums on their LP playback chains, it's likely that many vinyl fans will find that swapping out their phono and line preamps for the Wadax will produce a significant step up in analogue sound."

See the full review on page 33 of the February 2012 issue of Stereophile.