Pricing effective Jan 1, 2019 in USD



CEC TL O 3.0 $30,800 Dual Belt Drive Transport

CEC DA O 3.0 $30,800 Digital to Analogue converter

CAST silver capacitors / inductors. Call for prices

The David 1 meter interconnect RCA to RCA $14,000

The David 1 meter interconnect XLR to XLR $16,000

The David 8 foot speaker cable set $30,625

The David 4 foot AC cord $7,750

 The David USB digital cable $3,938

Call for Zephyr cables and specific quotes bases on length.

2 meter S55N AC cable with topline FI 50 NCF rhodium plugs $1,800

AC receptacles and IEC connectors. Call for prices

Helix 1 turntable in black $47,500

Helix 1 turntable in satin gold $54,100

Helix 2 turntable by Mark Döhmann $29,500

TA-CB Schröder CB tonearm with 1 meter captured phono cable RCA terminated $5,500


David Berning/ Hi-Fi One 845 Mk2. 60 wpc, class A, triode, OTL and zero feedback. NOS Pope 6v6, NOS Sylvania 6SN7 and NOS Siemens triple mica 12AT7 tubes. Elrog 845 tubes made to Berning specifications with Teflon bases are supplied. Stillpoints isolation utilizing the new and available concurrent with the Mk 2 amps introduction, Ultra 2 feet are supplied.  $80,000 per mono pair. In-stock June 2019.

SMc Silver Signature edition 2 box line stage. Featuring all Duelund CAST silver caps, Lundahl silver wound transforers, Bocchino IEC and Audio Note silver resistors. Stillpoints circuit board isolation and external stainless steel isolation feet. $60,000 

SMc Nexus AC  8 outlet Power Enhancer with Duelund CAST Silver caps, Stillpoints and Hi Fi One / EnKlein 6' cable and Stillpoints stainless steel isolation feet. $28,000

SMc Nexus AC  8 outlet Power Enhancer with Duelund CAST silver caps and Stillpoints stainless steel isolation feet. $20,000

EnKlein / Hi Fi One 6 foot AC cable $13,000


Delos      $1,995
Kleos      $3,695

Etna        $8,995
Etna SL   $9,995

Atlas       $11,995
Atlas SL  $12,995

Mono POA

LP1 record dampener / isolator $549

Ultra 5 stainless Steel isolators $699

Ultra 6 stainless steel isolators $899

Ultra SS isolators $249

Ultra Mini isolators $125

Aperture from $699 in Oak

ESS rack systems. POA.

ATR 10 tape machine $17,500

Proximity room correction system $12,000

VRE 1c remote control linestage $19,995

Akira. 1.2 inch diamond tweeter and 5 inch diamond midrange. $225,000

La Assoulta. POA.