SMc Audio announces the HI Fi One Silver Signature Edition line stage at THE Show 2015 in room 1406

CARLSBAD, CA May 25, 2015 —SMc Audio, a leader in innovative audio solutions, presents their $50,000 reference line stage, exclusively distributed by Hi Fi One.

  • Cost no-object-engineering, component selection, and execution
  • Remote 100-step volume control outperforms the best mechanical switches while maintaining precise control resolution
  • Unique design combines the best aspects of active and passive performance
  • Discrete wide-bandwidth JFET circuit uses no feedback
  • Beautiful, heavy, non-resonant enclosures contribute to outstanding sonics
  • Duelund CAST Silver and CAST Copper capacitors are utilized
  • Duelund silver wiring throughout including the umbilical cords for the outboard power supply
  • Furutech balanced XLR and WBT unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs
  • Bocchino Mariner 10 IEC is utilized for ultimate power coupling
  • Lundahl Silver and Jensen coupling transformers are selectively utilized
  • Stillpoints Ultra SS isolator feet and circuit board standoffs
  • No DC leakage, no ground loops, and no RFI issues
  • Completely stable and reliable
  • No heat, no noise, no ground loops, low voltage design
  • External choke-filtered power supply for superior sonic purity
  • Unrivaled transparency and neutrality, incredible dynamic expression
  • Black and Silver finish options and custom configuration available

Please contact us for further information or to arrange an audition