October 2011 Official Announcement : My position with Wadax SA of Spain


In this edition of the newsletter I am officially announcing my position with Wadax SA of Spain as the Managing Director of the company as well Hi Fi One being the importer for all Wadax products in North America. Please see the Wadax brochure on the Hi Fi One website as well as the audio press reaction and comments in the Wadax newsletter below.

Note : I will have a Wadax Pre 1 (line stage + DAC + optional phono stage) demonstration unit available later this month. The demo units will be sent with the requisite and extra cost Echole Signature AC cable + custom fitted Stillpoints Stainless Steel Ultra feet. In this way I can be asured you hear what I hear in your demo. Many of you have already expressed demo interest. I will follow up with each of you in the near term for demo slots.

The Wadax Pre 1 is a paradigm changing product.

We have come to accept non-linearity's in cartridges (in the analogue domain) as we have come to accept the compromises that are inherent in the RIAA curve for phono playback. In the digital domain a phase correct compensation "map' can be created via proprietary Wadax protocol (see below). The Wadax Pre 1 is an brand new category of digital phono stage given this mapping ability. The sonic results are simply revelatory.
Moreover, as a digital to analogue converter we invite comparison to anything -- at any price. The fully loaded Pre 1 with the optional phono stage is $32,500. Without the phono stage $27,800.

In closing, please check out the new Hi Fi One website.www.rbhifi1.com.


1. Wadax North America debut at THE SHOW Newport Beach and CES 2012

The Newport Beach show was the US debut for Wadax North America.

The presentation of Wadax in the US market was also a premiere of the new PRE1 Phono, the World’s First vinyl system mapping that offers unprecedented signal recovery from vinyl records.

The next US show will take place on the CES, room 30-232, from 10th-13th of January 2012.


2. International Audio Shows

AV-NU High-End show in Utrecht, 21st-23rd of October.


3. Wadax Vinyl Mapping:

A world’s first.

Until now, the Wadax musIC chip was utilized in speaker playback. Specifically digital crossovers and space and time linearization.

Following the application development road map of our proprietary and sophisticated musIC chip, it is our pleasure to announce the world’s first vinyl mapping system.

Vinyl mapping?

Cartridge suspensions and tone arms are inherently non-linear. So is cantilever stiffness, coils, caps et al. These non-linearity's generate signal alterations that contaminate the musical message on the disc. We have come to accept these mechanical and electrical non linearity's because we there were no adequate analogue domain solutions.

The Wadax musIC chip alters the effective physical/mechanical behavior so signal alterations are directly compensated in the digital domain. To do this, the musIC chip in combination with the custom Wadax DiVin mapping lacquer LP generates the data used to create a custom compensation map. This map provides an exact time and amplitude representation of the clients turntable and cartridge non non linearity's. The result is full restoration of frequency, time and amplitude.

The sonic results are revelatory. Here is the press reaction:

The Wadax research team has found big differences exist even between two consecutive serial units of a cartridge due to material and assembly tolerances. The conclusion is a generic map for a cartridge, based on brand and model, is NOT enough to reach the level Wadax aims for.

To create a custom compensation map a reference is needed, so Wadax created a Reference Lacquer LP (see above photo). This lacquer holds a series of patterns and signals that are modified when played through any turntable, tonearm, cartridge combination. After the resultant data is analyzed, an exact custom compensation map is created. This map is then programmed into the on-board flash memory of the musIC board.

After mapping the cartridge output is exactly channel balanced left and right. All cartridges benefit from this. None has ever measured the same. Turntable rotational speed deviations are also captured during the mapping process. Phase is maintained in the digital domain. Non-linearity compensation is applied based on our mapping algorithms. The noise floor is much lower. Cartridge loading is simple with a three position gain matching switch.

We have gone through different listening sessions and panelists to evaluate the results. As a representative example, one phrase from the panelist can be said: ‘listening to vinyl again with musIC custom mapping is a revelation. We never thought there was so much information in a vinyl record’.

The development of this specific application via our musIC chip took more than two years of active development. The research and upgrades continue. All will be easily implemented by the client via USB.

4. Playback improvement on digital sources.

Wadax leit motiv is to always offer the best possible results. This means quality, user friendliness and sustained value. Additionally, Wadax is dedicated to an active research and development program to improve performance and push the limits as far as available technology allows.

Since its introduction, the PRE1 has gone thru 22 performance upgrades primarily via USB drive in software. Wadax will always provide principle to allow every unit produced to accept upgrade ability to the latest developments.

The latest is firmware v2.23. This release brings new digital input circuitry that raises digital source playback performance to a new level together with new functionality. All Pre 1 delivered from October 1, 2011 have the new board. The client now has the option of defeating the line stage to use the unit as a stand alone phono stage (DiVin) or as a DAC (PureDAC).

5. Rick Brown – Managing Director:
The Wadax Family grows

The natural evolution of the company, generated by the successful presentation of our latest technologies, requires more complex resource, production planning, management dedication and, most important, achieve it consistently to Wadax values.

For this task, Rick Brown is Wadax SA Managing Director. Rick’s deep professional experience in the High-End, know-how and passion for music will guide the company to objectives. They include the creation of a solid worldwide distribution network, sustainable growth and value creation for our clients and trading partners thru Wadax performance, innovation and value.

Javier Guadalajara and Rick Brown